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Sprinkles Felt Ball Garland
Sprinkles Felt Ball Garland

Sprinkles Felt Ball Garland

Peaberry Studio

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 Length: 6 FOOT

Felt balls are the perfect accent for any occasion or home decor. Baby showers, birthday parties, fireplace mantles and of course, baby nurseries. They're so colorful and adorable, who can resist their charm?

This particular color story is a sprinkle of sweetness. Lemon, Melon, Pink, Orchid, Aqua, and Chartreuse make up this felt ball garland. Perfect for an ice cream party, little girl’s room, or any rainbow occasion.

The 2cm (1 inch approx) felt balls are movable on the natural twine string. No need for knots, the balls will stay put once you place them. As pictured, the balls are spaced about two finger widths apart, approx 1.5".

Our 100% sheep wool felt balls are handmade in Nepal under great working conditions. We are proud to support an organization who employs dedicated Nepali women and pays them a fair wage.

***Please keep out of reach of children, this is NOT a toy. For decorative purposes only***

Photo Credit: Peaberry Studio