Super Fun Football



Well, just finished up another busy month and ready to kick off another one! Hello February!!! And I hear we're in for an early spring according to Mr. Groundhog this morning? Spring = Baseball so Bring. It. On!!!

January was filled with big plans and partnerships (to be revealed soon!), as well as LOTS of early Valentine orders... Way to go, mama, on being ahead of the game this year!!! You're gonna love having that already done in a couple of weeks when everyone else is panicking!

The family and I are all feeling a bit fatigued this morning, so we opted for a quiet and restful morning at home vs. what is sure to be a loud and crazy football-themed morning at our church. The subtle hum of laundry in the dryer and steady flow of hot coffee have been so soothing, and I've decided that sometimes it's okay for church to happen from the comfort of your couch!

We're also resting up before hosting our annual Lyons Super Duper Bowl Party tonight, which I'm crazy excited about! Love having our best friends over to eat, talk, drink, laugh and maybe watch about 18 minutes of the actual game...? Most of us have been friends since college, and we just have the MOST fun reminiscing and cracking moderately inappropriate jokes in front of our children... it's zany and life-giving and just so fun!

And I want YOU to enjoy the fun with me! So here's a fun football FREEBIE from me. Just download, print and let your kids enjoy the football festivities today while you sip on margaritas and crack your own moderately inappropriate jokes - hopefully with a group of amazing friends like ours!


From One Party Mama to Another: Today is a great day to let go of perfection and embrace the zany. As much as I want to correct my daughter and tell her that footballs are brown, I've decided to let her color these pages however she wants. Outside the lines. Inside the lines. Painstakingly slow and precise or green footballs and purple stars.

When she's done, I plan to really cut loose, grab some tape and let her plaster her art all over the house to "decorate." It won't be Pinterest perfect. In fact, it'll probably look pretty hideous. But watching her sweet face light up when she realizes how much I treasure her creativity over my idea of perfect... ? That's a trade I'll make any day!

Happy Super Sunday, Friends! Enjoy the food. Drink responsibly. I'll see you back online Monday!

xoxo, Jenn

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