Quarantine Day-cation

When I tell you we had the BEST quarantine day ever this week, I promise it’s a million percent true! Jason is working from home with round-the-clock conference calls that don’t require silence, but we all know it’s easier that way so there has been a spike in “shushing” around here - a stressful environment for everyone. In a string of texts between friends, my dear friend Brooklyn could tell we were in desperate need of a “field trip” to cure our quiet cabin fever, so she offered to rent out her venue - Brookielynn's Bungalow - to us for the day. Y’all... it 👏🏼 was 👏🏼 GLORIOUS 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

The next morning, I packed up the kids, a bunch of toys, laptops and snacks and we set out on our great adventure. I wish I could bottle and sell the emotions I felt as we got settled in - safety, comfort, contentment, peace and JOY… I would be a super duper bajillionaire! I got a little emotional as I allowed my senses to soak in the cozy, hearth-and-home ambiance Brooklyn had created for us prior to our arrival. Delicious candles, brilliant natural light through open windows and quiet music in the background all made me feel like I was at home, but without the mountains of laundry and piles of dirty dishes and landmines of toys I was battling in real life. She had even turned the calendar to April (which happened to feature the most amazing and timely baseball quote)! Umm, hello? Attention to detail much??? I called her right away to praise her awesomeness, thank her for saving my sanity and hinted we may just move in and never leave!


Since food is always on our brains, I immediately took to the kitchen and set up a little snack station. There was plenty of counter space and a sink for washing hands, something we did frequently during our stay as a precaution. And yes, that certainly is a little nip of red wine on the left! 🤣 #blameitontherona

The main room - also called the “Maker’s Space” - had several tables set up that are typically used for crafting and other creative arts classes, as well as a darling couch and plenty of floor space. Instantly, my teacher brain saw the potential for learning stations! I spread out activities across each of the tables and made spots for Crafts, Coloring, Handwriting, Reading, Legos and Learning Games. Joy was delighted and spent a little bit of time at each one.



Jacob, clearly well beyond the “stations” phase, immediately staked his territory and camped out on a plush bed in one of the other photography rooms and set to work on his e-learning courses. The Bungalow has a secure wifi network, so he was able to jump online right away and navigate between pages with ease. And he couldn’t stop raving about how bright and “happy” the room felt with the sunlight pouring into windows on either side of him. Gotta love what that Vitamin D does for the soul!

It was a beautiful day, so once the kids were set up I spent most of my time on the spacious front porch. I tried to get some work and reading done (honest), but as luck would have it I ended up getting to chat (from 6+ feet away) with not just one but THREE friends!!! Y’all, I haven’t seen friends in over two weeks, so God was truly pouring out his blessings on my heart this day!

My precious new friend, Anne-Marie, knew we were shacking up for the day and surprised me with my favorite coffee from Summer Moon. While she was there, the mailman stopped by… who just happened to be one of the dads on Jacob’s baseball team! And just when I thought things couldn’t get more exciting, another rock star friend and business owner, Nicki from Sweets on a Stick, happened to drive by (probably because her shop is two houses down from the Bungalow) and jumped out to say hello! I’m totally not exaggerating (ask any of those 3 people) - I was jumping up and down happy when this all went down!!! I felt like Rapunzel in the movie Tangled… “Best! Day! EVER!!!”

In all of our new adventures, we worked up a healthy appetite, so we decided to support a local restaurant for lunch and picked up some yummy grub, including strawberry cake, from The Depot Cafe. With full bellies and happy hearts, we played the loooongest game of Uno in the history of ever, and then I hopped on YouTube and introduced the kids to Pinky & the Brain. Their new favorite word is “NARF!!!” 🤣

In the afternoon, Jake wrapped up e-learning and then flipped into gamer mode on his phone. Joy rode her scooter a little, but she was mostly obsessed with the floral “fairy” swing Brooklyn had recently installed for photographers to use as a prop. Even she got worn out after a while, and she finally settled down long enough to cozy up with me on the porch swing. We both rested quietly and contentedly as clouds rolled in and a cool breeze kicked up. I managed to sneak in a few quick client messages before packing up, and before long we were heading back to the laundry and other mundane tasks we’d blissfully ignored all day long. We made one last stop by Brooklyn’s actual house to thank her for our Day-cation and drove home smiling and eternally grateful for all the blessings we experienced that day.

If you find yourself needing some respite from your current quarantine setup, I highly recommend reaching out to book some time at Brookielynn’s Bungalow. It’s the perfect medicine for a weary soul in need of all the comforts of home with none of the stress! Thank you, Brooklyn (and Matt), for your generosity and hospitality. We hope to come back soon!!!

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  • You did NOT just write all of that?!?! H y goodness I could not have ever anticipated such a blog post EVER in a bazillion years, as the baseball quote. oMg!

    I hadn’t even paid attention except that t wasn’t March anymore. You have more than made my day—you’ve validated me saying “yes” to signing for another year on the bungalow.

    I’m absolutely serious when I tell you that you are welcome at the bungalow at any time and it’s so rewarding to seeeeeee how y’all were able to use it. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. xo -Brooklyn

    Brooklyn Calloway

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