One of these days...

I'll have time to post more on the blog portion of the site. I really will. One of these days...

Today is definitely not that day, though. Not only am I attempting to crank out 50+ Valentine orders AND a 100-count birthday invitation set AND plan a huge 1st birthday party, but we're also frantically cleaning house so we can be ready to host our annual Lyons Super Duper Bowl Party tonight.

Fun FWJ Fact: Tonight is also the 22nd anniversary of when I met my husband. That's another story for another day, though. Right now my head is spinning.

But do you remember spinning around and around when you were a kid? And you'd get crazy dizzy and fall into a pile of belly laughs because it was so much fun?

That's how I feel! It's so busy but it's so. much. fun!!! And I want YOU - my amazing friend - to enjoy the fun with me! So here's a little FREEBIE from me. Just download, print and let your kids enjoy the football festivities today.


From One Party Mama to Another: Today is a great day to let go of perfection. Let your kids color these pages however they want. Outside the lines. Inside the lines. Painstakingly slow and precise or green footballs and purple stars. When they're done, grab some tape and plaster their art all over the house to "decorate." Yep. I just said that.

"But it's not Pinterest Perfect." Nope, sure isn't.

"Well, that's just not how I decorate for a party." Friend. Put them up anyway. Even better - step away from your InstaPot (don't laugh - I know you have one), sit down for 10 minutes and color with them!!!

And then watch their sweet face light up when they realize how much you treasure their work over your idea of perfect.

I've tried perfect, Mama. Still do sometimes - a lot actually. But let's take a step back together just for today and consider this: It's just a football game, right? Just one day out of 365. But the memory of you letting go and allowing them to contribute and make it fun? That will last a lifetime for both of you. It's so much more fun this way!

And cheaper than therapy.

Just something to consider. Until next time (which will probably be 3 months from now)...

xoxo, Jenn

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