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Oh Yes She Did!

You've been asking me for a website for almost 4 years, so guess what?


There's a good chance my husband and children are about to have me committed, though. Seriously, y'all??? Nobody warns you about how many hours and tears and curse words and glasses bottles of wine go into navigating uncharted technical territory.

Oh sure, I've blogged before. About our move to Denver, then our move back to Texas a year later. About my son's toddler obsession with Little Einsteins and 1980s bowling tournaments on ESPN Classic. About our insane adoption journey.

But building a business site? That's a whole other ballgame yo! Truth be told, I'm probably not even close to doing it right. But if I've learned anything from the dozens of Business Babe Wash Your Face Boss Boutique Mom-preneur podcasts, it's that I'm better off putting SOMETHING out there and tweaking as I go than not doing it at all. Right?

My hope is to add a little each day until it's a precious, well-rounded online shop that makes you feel like you're wandering around an adorable small town boutique. Until then, go easy on me... or offer to come over with Mexican food and a pitcher of margaritas to help me finish it!

Be sure to sign my guestbook (aka - leave a comment below) so I know you stopped by! Can't wait to see your name and a little "howdy" to go with it!

xoxo, Jenn

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  • This is so exciting!! Congratulations!!

    Veronica Ousley

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