Come Alive!

My kids - bless them - get the most haphazardly planned birthday parties. You know how it goes... the whole "cobbler's children have no shoes" thing. Nevertheless, they always go to bed that night with smiling faces and a hearty "Thanks Mom - best day ever!" so I must be doing something right. This party was no exception!

Background: For months - more like a year - I had mentally prepared for a "Cinco de Joy" 5th birthday theme. Joy loved the Disney movie COCO for the bright colors and music. I cried every time I watched it because of the story line. And then one day, we broke from our daily habit and I threw on Greatest Showman instead... the rest is history! All of my COCO decor stayed boxed up in the garage, and circus life immediately took over our plans.

I'll get my COCO party someday, but in the meantime - Filled with Joy proudly presents... Joy's "Greatest Showman" Birthday!

Major props to Brookielynn's Bungalow for providing the most amazing venue to host our shindig! This historic house is nestled in the heart of Historic Downtown Frisco and was the perfect spot to celebrate. Brooklyn made everything so easy and welcomed us and our shenanigans with open arms. She gave me full creative reign, access to the kitchen for food prep and plenty of open space for us to bring our theme to life! BONUS: While the guests partied, we were able to pop back into one of the adjoining photo studio rooms for a few quick family pics! I mean, how convenient to have both spaces so readily available in one spot?!? If you're looking for a unique space to host a shower, party or other gathering, I have two words for you: No. Brainer. Contact Brooklyn - I promise the Bungalow will forever be at the top of your Faves list!

Hands down, my favorite part of the day was watching a vision come to life... A few weeks prior, I literally woke up in the middle of the night with the idea to have a flash mob come in and dance to Joy's favorite song from the movie - "This is Me." The next day, I sent out an APB to the local business moms and in no time, we had a plan in place! Y'all, I'm convinced Kristin Shepherd is an angel walking among us. She rallied her 4 the Love of Dance troupe, rehearsed their choreography, got all the parents on board and they totally nailed it!!! Joy was gobsmacked, I was in tears (again!) and the whole thing was just too awesome. The kids all gave us hugs afterward, enjoyed some snacks with us and even sang "Happy Birthday" to Joy! Check out the photos below, but be sure to watch the video, too! Thank you, Kristin and crew, for a memorable moment we will treasure forever!!! (and now I'm crying...again!)

And of course it wouldn't be a Lyons celebration without our other favorite vendors! I've been using the same people for years now, and they never cease to amaze me with their talent, professionalism and straight up perfection! Seriously, if you're not using these gals for your parties, you're missing out!!!


Cake: Melody Bradley Cakes

Cookies: Sugar Fix Custom Confections

Cake Pops: Sweets on a Stick

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our "little" family celebration! Joy is still talking about her Greatest Showman party months later, asking when we can do it again! We're actually busting out the decorations this week as part of a Trunk or Treat event at our local elementary school, so I'm sure she'll love it and think it's all about her! And now to start planning for next year's theme... Fingers crossed she'll finally agree to my COCO idea!


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