Leah's First Birthday

The time span between my first and second blog post was 4 months. Between the second one and this one? TWO months. Progress! Right...???  😂

I've been wanting to blog about Filled With Joy parties and projects for so long, but I'm always too busy to sit down and pound them out! But today I pulled a Rachel Hollis, made a promise to myself and committed to keeping it.

"I promise I will not go to bed until I blog about Leah's 1st Birthday!"

So here I am. 12:20am and counting. Taking a few nibbles of the Whataburger sugar cookie my kiddo didn't finish. Okay fine, I ate the whole dang thing! I'll have to stand before Jacob's Great Throne of Judgement in the morning for that one. Pray for me...

(okay ADHD Jenn, reign it in honey)

Why is this party so important? And why this particular occasion?

Because this party happened well over a month ago, and I'm long overdue in sharing it with you. Because it is jam-packed with some crazy-amazing local talent you need to know about! And most importantly, because it celebrates a little girl who fought incredible odds to even be alive for her first birthday party.

Leah was identified in utero as having Down Syndrome, and things were complicated. I quietly-but-prayerfully followed her mom's regular Facebook posts as she shared baby bump photos and anxiously awaited the arrival (and survival) of her daughter. I watched and prayed through tears as Mickey took some days hour by hour, not knowing if each breath would be Leah's last this side of Heaven or her first on a miraculous road to recovery. Things got pretty scary for a while, but God in His divine mercy saw fit to give Leah strength to persevere. And persevere she did!

So when Mickey posted a request in a local moms group for a few First Birthday party staples to spice up a low-key and intimate affair, I instantly felt God's nudging in my heart. "Celebrate this precious girl and her family. Use the gifts I've given you to bless charge."

Now I don't know about you, but when God speaks that loudly and clearly, I say "Yes sir" and jump on it! And guess what happened next? Other small business owners joined in, each donating their own talents as gifts!

Y'all... just look what came of it! Just. Look.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Leah's 1st Birthday! A boho chic inspired theme centered around her indefatigable spirit - a Warrior Princess through and through.

Please join me in thanking the following businesses:
Mallory Kee
Venue & Balloons
Angela Tate
Megan Black
Cake Pops
Rachel Sutaria
Pastel Floral Cookies
Cassandra Waterbury
Crown/1 Cookies, Setup Assistance
Deepa Shankar
Cotton Candy
Jacey Salinas-Krell
Custom Shirt
Tiffany Sweatman
Custom Toddler Tumbler
Karen Reston
Food & Beverage
Ellie Blair, Realtor
Elissa Denton


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