Charity or Community?

Hey friend! How are you doing these days? Are you adjusting to this new normal yet, or are things still a little wonky at your house? I have been missing you so much and praying for you as you navigate these new and choppy waters!
We're definitely leaning toward wonky over here and bordering on dismay as we watch the small business world get knocked off its axis. I'm desperately trying to find a way to homeschool my kids, stay on top of house duties, manage everyone's emotions and - eventually - create products and content for you in hopes of keeping this business alive. I can't say it's going super well right now, and the idea of going into my busiest season of the year with nothing on the calendar is terrifying. But I'm praying as we settle into some sort of routine (which will likely be tech-heavy for a while) I'll find more opportunities to meet your needs and serve you from this new social distance for the foreseeable future.
I've recently had a few people ask if they could donate funds to Filled With Joy in a show of support. As someone who was often the recipient of "charity" growing up (that's a story for another day), the idea of accepting donations for my business initially felt a little icky. Probably because those instances of charity as a kid were icky and tied to icky circumstances beyond my control.
I shared this with my husband through tears last night as we try to find our way financially in this volatile economic climate, and he was quick to remind me that my current situation as a successful adult and business owner is vastly different from those of my childhood where someone in my family was really just taking advantage of others.
He reminded me of all the times I have given freely to others and that those people are simply wanting to return the favor.
He reminded me that accepting donations for Filled With Joy isn't charity. It's community.
While I'd much rather you purchase a product from the shop so you're actually receiving something for your money, I have to also be honest that products are taking a while to crank out and it may be a while before I can get everything listed because #geometryhomework and #sidewalkchalkart.
So... my sweet, amazing, kind and generous friends... here's info on how to donate. I don't expect a single penny to roll in, but I will be ridiculously grateful if it does! And you have my word that each and every cent received will be paid forward when this whole mess blows over and we're back on our feet again.
If you're not in a position to give, I completely understand (it's been hard to not donate to others myself) and would be just as grateful for your support in the community. Your referrals, reviews and promises of future orders will feed my soul, generate revenue, and give me the determination and strength to keep going despite all odds!
Please pray for your small business owner friends! And when we're all allowed to run around town freely again, I hope one of your first stops will be at Filled With Joy. I can't wait to see your faces again soon!!!
All my love,
Jenn  xoxo

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