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Vision Board 2020


Have you caught onto the latest #visionboard craze?

I absolutely love the concept... a creative, artistic and visual representation of your goals for the year. Don’t get me wrong - a list or a simple one-word intention are awesome, too. In fact, I’ve already done both of those!

But how cool is it to see those goals in colorful pictures that reflect who or where you want to be - things you want to achieve or experience - before the end of 2020? For me, it spurs me on even more because I feel like my life will be just as beautiful as the montage of pictures I’ve pulled together. And I am TOTALLY down for that, y’all!

So I  got a hankerin’ (that’s southern for ‘desire’) last weekend while binge watching New Girl to plug my goals into a quick digital grid - because #busymama don’t have time for scissors and glue sticks - just to see what it would look like...

In the words of Buddy the Elf, “I’m in love! I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!”

Here’s a sneak peek into a few of my goals for the year, both personal and professional. I’d love to hear about a few of yours so we can encourage each other along the way!

1. Be more consistent with hormone replacement therapy so I can feel my best. My youth, energy and SANITY disappeared with my hysterectomy in 2012. Time to take it back!

2. Read through the Bible - both Old and New Testament - using the Bible Recap plan. I’m doing this to repaint the walls of my heart with God’s truth and His character traits vs. my flawed perception of Him over the last 40-something years. If He is my true Father, I want to really know Him and His unconditional love for me - for all of us!!!

3. Form more small business partnerships as a way to share my party planning expertise and talents. I’ve already started on this and it is freaking AMAZING!!! Stay tuned for more!

4. Restore my JOY by healing old wounds and forgiving those who inflicted them. Someday I’ll share more of that part of my story.

5. Work on my smile - something I’ve been ashamed of my whole life because of bad teeth. I’ve started and stopped major work several times but never followed thru because of paralyzing fear. I’d love this to be the year I overcome that fear so I can TRULY smile and not hide behind a sheepish grin substitute.

6. Drink more water!!! As a coffee addict, this is a hard one!

7. Move my body. This is harder than the water goal! I despise being sweaty! #necessaryevil

8. Trade books for social media scrolling. One new book a month is my goal. 

9. Get to a beach!!! Even if it’s only for a day... there’s something about the sand and sea that soothes my soul, refreshes my mindset and turns my focus back to my Creator. I haven’t been in a couple of years and am craving the sound of ocean waves!

So there you have it! I hate odd numbers, especially the number 9 because it always feels just one shy of perfection. But I’ve tried being perfect my whole life and it’s exhausting so I’m just going to take a deep breath - maybe two - and walk away leaving this just as it is. Plus, I’ve got a stack of 20 Valentine orders to fulfill today soooo... #backtowork 

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