Bring on the JOY!

Stolen moments. Sunrise. Quiet house. Coffee. Puppy cuddles. Jesus. One last morning to reflect on all that 2019 brought my way.

It was a very good year - lots of new connections, deeper relationships, intentional living and LOTS of ⚾️ baseball!

It was also a very hard year. I struggled with mindset, battled depression and got very good at playing games - faking joy when I was really drowning.

But God. With eyes upward and forward, I thank Him for friends who saw me when I tried to disappear. I thank Him for one in particular who prayed for me by name in the Holy Land. 🤯 I thank Him for a faithful, patient husband and two loving children. I thank Him for medication, meditation apps and yes - even for baseball! Most of all, I thank Him for pulling me out of my pit and bringing light into my darkness.

I couldn’t wait another day to find my word for 2020. I’ve been listing various words as they come to mind, and this morning brought revelation. God spoke loud and clear - mostly because I finally shut up long enough to listen! 😂 After hearing it in a song, seeing it come across my morning reading AND my daily meditation, tears rolled and I knew He was speaking...


This will be a year of restoration. My joy. My heart. My beliefs. My mindset. All the things that have been lost over the years. I am hopeful and quite curious to see it unfold and come to fruition. My prayer is that it spills over and blesses the ones I love - including you!

Have you chosen a word to cling to for 2020? Let’s speak our intentions here and prepare our hearts for a fresh start and new beginnings!

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